October 22, 2010
10:40 pmto11:20 pm

Fukpig was originally conceived as a side project by members of the revered and now defunct, Mistress and then put on the backburner due to the success of both Mistress and Anaal Nathrakh. Drawing from a putrid pool of influences such as Extreme Noise Terror, Gorgoroth, Disgust and Mayhem, Fukpig mix up crust, punk, black metal and grind into an almighty mass of audio filth.

Aggressive crust and gritty grind, Fukpig are a new breed of Birmingham grindcore, referencing Napalm Death but terrifying those in their wake in their own sick way.


October 22, 2010
10:40 pmto11:20 pm
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  • Ralf Long

    what a load of fucking shite

  • http://twitter.com/peteashton Pete Ashton

    Ha! You’re a load of fucking shite, Ralf!

    (Am I playing this game properly?)

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October 22, 2010
10:40 pmto11:20 pm